All Wash Roof Treatment

Do you want to get rid of the moss, mould and lichen build up on your roof?

We can make it look as good as new!

Moss, mould and lichens damage your roof and degrade the materials due to the caustic nature of the lichen and mould spores.

We can treat the problem on your roof with a single application that will last at least 12 months but most likely longer. Our roof treatment extends the life of your paint whether it is a new paint job or an old one in bad condition. In most cases we are able to apply a roof treatment without walking on it.

In just a few months you will see a massive change in the condition of your roof. Roof treatments are not recommended for people that are on rain water collection. If this is the case we recommend getting your roof washed.

Stage 1 Roof Treatment.
1 Year guarantee
weather action over a period of time usually 12 months. will remove the debris leaving your roof free from damaging moss, mould and lichen.

Stage 2 Roof Treatment.                                                                                          Moss and lichen proofing.
2 year Guarantee.
Applied 12 months after stage 1 to keep your roof free from moss, mould and lichen.
recommended 2 years after re coating or painting your roof.

Roof Washing Vs Roof Treatments

The main difference between a Moss and Mould roof treatment and a Roof Wash is a moss and mould roof treatment will take up to 12 months to get your roof clean after the treatment has been applied as once it kills the moss and mould it is dependent on the wind and the rain to wash away the decaying moss and mould but is a much more gentle on your roof and in most cases does not need anyone to walk on your roof and in most cases is cheaper.

A roof wash consists of a member of our team harnessed on your roof washing it and your roof is clean that same day. A roof Wash is a more labour-intensive process so is more expensive.

Nelson and Tasman and Blenheim Roof washing and roof treatments.


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