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When it come to cleaning your gutters we understand that you may not have the time or  its just to dangerous of job of clearing and cleaning your gutters/spouting, downpipes and soffits.

We are height safe certified and have the advantage of being able to use ropes and harnesses to work around your roof weather its single story or multiple story's high.

All Wash Golden bay can take care of everything from clearing blocked gutters and downpipes, to repairing leaks and making sure your gutter systems are working correctly.

Getting your gutters cleaned out on a  regular basis helps prevent roofs leaking in heavy rainfall, and avoids costly repairs down the road. We often get called out during heavy rain when the damage has all ready been done.

By utlising things like google earth and top of the south Maps, we can measure your roof and gutter without leaving the office. This enables us to give you a fixed price quotation in a matter of minutes saving us time and you money!


Pricing is an approximation only. Please contact us for a quote based on your exact requirements.

Prefer to Clean Your Own Guttering? Here Are Some Tips to Get the Job Done Safely

Working From Ladders The general advice is not to reach too much and that's very true. The best advice we can give though is that if you're using a straight or extension ladder, to have a gutterbridge installed. A gutterbridge not only means that your ladder no longer contacts your guttering, but it makes the ladder 100 times more stable. Basically, the biggest danger - side slip - is effectively eliminated. Ask us and we'll let you know where to buy the same gutterbridge that we use.

Gutter Cleaning from the Roof Firstly, don't think that because your Sky installer easily walked up the roof to install the dish that it's just as easy to clean your gutters from the roof. Going directly up and down a roof is much easier than walking around it and reaching over it.

Please at least use a rope as a support line, which makes you a whole lot more stable and less likely to slip. Ideally you'll use a proper roof harness but the reality is that most people don't have such equipment. Such a line can be attached to a tree or fence on the far side of the house or a chimney.

Remember that a dry roof that has good grip can turn into an ice-slippery roof when wet. Think carefully about where you spray water if using a hose to do a final washdown.

Move slowly and deliberately: Don't suddenly stand up from a squatting position - working from a roof is no place to get light-headed. Ropes and hoses can get entangled making tripping a real possibility. Take your time!

Take care of your tiles. If you have a tiled roof, move slowly and deliberately with most weight on the leading edge of the tiles where they are supported underneath. Too much pressure on the centre of tiles can lead to broken tiles. The three main reasons for cracked and broken tiles are people walking to quickly, not walking correctly or simply being too heavy (usually a combination).

Avoid damage to pointing. Pointing is the mortar which seals the ridge caps. Avoid dragging your hose or ropes over ridge caps as pointing will easily break. Take the time to reposition them as required.

Gloves Gutter cleaning can be a messy job and it can get a bit nasty too. Sheetmetal flashing can result in cuts, and dealing with gutter muck isn't the best place to have an open wound. Wear fairly thick gloves that fit well. Loose or over-sized gloves will catch on the lip of roofing, flashing etc.

Gutter Scoop?There's no magic tool for doing gutter cleaning by hand. Gutter scoops can be useful but only where the exposed guttering is wide enough. A lot of guttering is too narrow and you'll be trying to pull out the debris with your fingertips. Watch out for grazing your hand as you try to squeeze it in to narrow guttering.

Does it take lots of trees to block rain gutters? Grass seeds are enough!

The general perception is that trees are the enemy when it comes to gutters becoming blocked, but the reality can be quite an eye-opener: All it takes is a few grass seeds to take hold. Once they start growing, they're going nowhere except thicker and wider along the guttering, eventually becoming thick enough to block water flow and cause overflowing, which will either be over the outside of the guttering or (hopefully not) on the inside.

Will Gutter Guard Products Mean No More Gutter Cleaning?

We get a number of requests to have gutter guard installed and we never just say "Okay." If you go by the ads, you could be forgiven for thinking that gutter guard products are a panacea, with leaves blowing away and your water flowing unhindered forever.

The unpleasant reality is that all leaf protection products need to be combined with a regular gutter cleaning schedule and will work to varing degrees depending on the type of debris that will be falling.

The Reality of Gutter Guard Products

They may be advertised as the answer to blocked gutters but the tough slap-in-the-face reality is that no gutter guard product is an ultimate solution and the pros and cons need careful weighing before deciding whether or not to install any. A lot of our customers ask us to remove their gutter guard product in frustration. Pros and cons of each below...

Gutter Mesh, Leaf Mesh

Gutter mesh can be fine where there are predominantly large leaves falling, but the two key issues are a large mesh size and a very sub-optimal fit into the guttering. Let's look at the pros and cons:

Gutter Mesh Pros
Fairly quick to install though difficult to install well (see cons).
Does a reasonable job of protecting against large leaves
Gutter Mesh Cons
Although easy to install per se, the fit depends a lot on the actual guttering it's being installed into. A common issue is debris getting caught up against the sharp edge of the mesh resulting in buildup inside the guttering.
The large mesh can result in a lot of small debris getting into the guttering, including grass and plant seeds. Leaves and debris will often build up on the roof side of the guttering, creating a bridging effect where heavy rainfall results in overflowing.
Future gutter cleans will take more time and therefore be more expensive.

Cleaning gutters with mesh installed typically takes around two to three times as long since by the time a clean is requested, there is usually solid growth (moss, grass, plants) and a base of dirt or tile silt which is too much to just hose along.

For normal width guttering, it may be possible to remove the mesh at intervals and use a long brush to push debris to a collection point but narrow guttering, such techniques become impossible and it's quicker to just remove the mesh, clean the gutters and re-install it.


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